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Certified Coach (ACC). Patient advocate.

Speaker and trainer

 Winner of EyerforPharma European Patient Champion Awardyoutube

I’ve always enjoyed communicating and writing. I received a Degree in Communication Sciences at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and subsequently undertook postgraduate studies that helped me make my way into the consulting world.

By the age of 30 years, I had lived in the UK, Belgium, the United States and in Switzerland, where I worked in communication and marketing at the Oracle European Headquarters. I returned to Spain to embark on a new professional career by setting up a startup. Just as I was closing that period of my life to embark on a new project, I discovered I had breast cancer.

My experience tackling this condition led me to write the book I have breast cancer - What now? , the book I wish had been available when I first received the diagnosis. This marked the start of countless new and amazing experiences, the latest one being the birth of my son, Pol.

At present I divide my work between the IMD business school and my activity as a coach and as a motivational speaker in professional forums where I aim to empower people to help them find the strength to be free to decide what they want to do with their lives in a responsible manner. I am also a professor at EAE business school and work actively as a patient advocate and with patients that I help reconnect with themselves and with they dreams by using a tailor made methodology I designed for this purpose. In addition, I am also focussed on the health care industry through my project Coaching for Humane HC.

I founded Baby Beatles, an organization that seeks to help women who have overcome breast cancer and now wish to become mums but lack the financial resources to do so.

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Listed below are some key moments of my professional career, in reverse chronological order.

Co-active coach

Professional coach - consultant - patient advocate


Coach: Certified Professional co-active coach (CPCC) by The Coaches Institute (CTI). Specialized in en executive coaching, life coaching, cancer, patients and health.

Personal development: Providing health professionals with the skills and tools to build and manage an empowered relationship with their patients is one of my passions and one of the main reasons why I do what I do.

Patient centred consultant: I believe that the patient must be at the center of the Health System Empowered patient are able to decide, take control and engage with their processes and with their lives.

Patient advocate: I am involved in different scientific international trials. My role is to offer the patient perspective, protecting their interests.

IMD Business School

Project manager at the VC2020 Research Center, IMD


I carry out research in different fields for VC2020. We have published numerous papers and two books with the outcome of our research: “Strategy is Digital” (2016) and "The Value Chain Shift: Seven future challenges facing top executives” (2014)

Leaders University

Academic Leadership

Spain & Latin America

I am leading the academic division of Leaders University. Responsible of the online learning courses design and of the assisted learning function that we offer to our clients.

Baby Beatles

Founder and Head of Baby Beatles


Baby Beatles is an NGO founded to help women without financial means who have had breast cancer and now wish to be mums.


Motivational Speaker


I am interested in empowering people to help them find the strength to be free to decide what they want to do with their lives in a responsible manner.


I have breast cancer – What now?


I was diagnosed with cancer at 36. After my recovery, I wrote the book I have breast cancer – What now?. The book aims to help women going through a similar experience to mine. Originally written in Spanish, it was translated into English in 2014.

Sewa Beats

Founder and head of Sewa Beats Iberica


I set up, developed and launched an innovative start-up offering a unique service to companies: corporate teambuilding and motivational activities through African drumming.


Project Manager at Oracle EMEA

United Kingdom / Switzerland

I headed a number of projects to set up and promote online communities at a European level. As a result, our team won several "Oracle Marketing Innovation Awards".


Here’s a sample of what people think about my work:


"Teresa proved to be a space for self-confidence and conscious and detailed listening of myself. When it was hard for me to look ahead clearly, Teresa was a useful and leafy mirror in which to look so I could walk forward with perspective."

Sandra Hombreiro


"Teresa showed me many things: First, that you will not win if you don’t take risks; second, that if we want to change history we need to write it ourselves instead of having others setting our limits."

C. C.

Top executive


"In an eclectic and demanding health forum, Teresa presented her life experience as an opportunity to listen to the worker / patient and help us to improve."

Jordi Schlaghecke

CEO at Societat Catalana de Salut Laboral


"I highly recommend the executive coaching services of Teresa Ferreiro, who is incisive, insightful, thoughtful, and constructive in her approach to problem-solving and strategizing for personal and career development."

M. M.

Professor at StFX University

Training and consulting

"Teresa is a great profesional, who thrives working in teams and developing new ideas. She has a passion for leadership and an amazing personal experience about leading herself in very difficult times."

Carlos Cordón

Professor at IMD

I have breast cancer - What now?

"I have different questions, and I open this book and... here they are, the answers. This book is what I need. Thank you".


Pat Foote

Ceramic artist

I have breast cancer - What now?

"I wish I'd had this book when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer".


Cindy Murphy


I have breast cancer - What now?

"This inspirational book provides a narrative of Teresa Ferriero’s personal and family journey living with and healing from second-stage breast cancer. Health professionals are generally aware THAT optimism and ‘thinking positively’ are essential to coping with cancer, but persons with experiential knowledge are often best positioned to teach HOW to enable, nurture, and support this essential optimism that enables healing. Basing her writing in researching western medical approaches to cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and complementary therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, this book is replete with realistic ‘how to’ examples. Her writing is warm, hopeful, realistic. This book is a worthwhile read for anyone healing from cancer, their families, and cancer care professionals. "

Marion Alex

Professor - School of Nursing, STFX

I have breast cancer - What now?

"It is a masterpiece of how to form one’s own judgement about a very important set of decisions for your life and how to deal with the emotions and the impact on it. The book doesn’t show an idealistic view of a hero standing strong against adversity, but that of a person going through ups and downs and looking for a way forward."

Carlos Cordón

Value Chain Professor

I have breast cancer - What now?

"Thank you! I really needed a book like yours."

Isabel García


I have breast cancer - What now?

"A new approach towards cancer. An integrative path which patients and doctors should walk together."

Julia Rodríguez

Breast Cancer Consultant

I have breast cancer - What now?

"An excellent example of how to self-manage illness and health."

Marta Rivera de la Cruz


I have breast cancer - What now?

"Her equanimity when she addresses the health care team is remarkable."

Fina Llorca

Literary reviewer

The Value Chain Shift 

"The VC2020 team has delivered practical ideas, frameworks and approaches that will serve as signposts to show business and supply chain leaders the way forward."

Mark Foster

Chairman, International Business Leaders Forum

I have breast cancer - What now?

"Shuns drama and self-pity."

Adam Martín

Writer and Journalist

I have breast cancer - What now?

“I have only praise for this book and its author. THANKS, Teresa. THANKS in capital letters. THANKS for writing a book that I have used as my ‘travel guide’ for my journey on which I’m learning so much. THANKS for giving me a different point of view of cancer. THANKS for your words, so human and so sensitive.”

Luz Sanchez Camara

Marketing and sales

I have breast cancer - What now?

"Your book teaches, encourages, supports, moves and guides. A big thank you."

Rosa Montero


I have breast cancer - What now?

“A splendid must-read autobiography. Teresa tells us how she overcame her illness with an iron will and an unshakeable belief in herself.”

Luis Eduardo Aute

Musician, painter, writer and poet

I have breast cancer - What now?

“Your book sustained me in moments of uncertainty. It clarified important doubts and opened a path towards hope which I took at the outset of my condition. I was struck by your courage when you were faced with decisions and uncertainties. Your book gave me far more information than my oncologist did. I have discussed it in my blog, and thanks to it, Teresa and I have been able to share nice words and feelings. Thanks Teresa.”

Pilar Lacueva Giraldos


I have breast cancer - What now?

"Its key message is that things can be done differently and resiliently."

Cecilia Gelpí


I have breast cancer - What now

"This book is not only for women going through breast cancer; it’s a manual for life."

Ascen Esteban

Lymphatic therapist


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