I have breast cancer – What now?

Award-Winning Finalist in the “Health: General” category of the 2015 International Book Awards.

At some point in their life, one in eight women will face breast cancer. This guide offers a new way to take control of this situation, naturally, practically and proactively. It includes a series of guidelines and remedies that will help the reader find the answers they need. Teresa Ferreiro addressed her tumour as another one of life’s projects, with a starting date and a conclusion, without letting it overwhelm her life.

“A masterpiece of how to form one’s own judgement about a very important set of decisions for your life and how to deal with the emotions and the impact on it”
– Professor Carlos Cordón –IMD Business School

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“This book is not only for women going through breast cancer; it’s a manual for life”
 – A reader

“The perfect book for someone who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer” – A reader

“A straightforward approach to the questions and fears that people under these circumstances face, with the openness that only someone who has experienced this process can use”
 – A reader

“An excellent example of how to self-manage illness and health”
 – Marta Rivera de la Cruz –Writer and Journalist

“A first-hand experience of resilience”
Revista Humanizar 

“A reference book. It recounts her ordeal in spirited and positive terms.”
La Voz de Galicia –August 2013

“Shuns drama and self-pity”
Adam Martín –Writer and Journalist

“A new approach towards cancer. An integrative path which patients and doctors should walk together”
Dra. Julia Rodríguez –Breast Cancer Consultant