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Strategy is digital

This book presents strategies and practices to allow everyday companies to cope with the fundamentally changing landscape of business models and to take advantage of the huge business opportunities arising from the advent of big data. It develops several case studies from companies in traditional industries like LEGO, Yamato and Mediq, but also examines small start-ups like Space Tango, which is partnering with major multinationals to develop new business models using big data.

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I have breast cancer – What now?

Award-Winning Finalist in the “Health: General” category of the International Book Awards.

I have breast cancer – What now? is the book I wish had been available when I first received the diagnosis. I wrote it to provide men and women facing a similar situation with the tools and information they need to go through their healing process.

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Seven Future Challenges Facing Top Executives

caratulaValue chains today have a huge impact on multinational corporations’ right to exist
and the way they compete. The future challenges associated with value chains are
also huge and include new demands from society, emerging-market strategies,
resource scarcity, risk proliferation and other issues. Anticipating and addressing
these future challenges are crucial if companies are to compete effectively.

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The fairies’ agenda 2015

caratulaI have written a story inspired by my niece. This magic agenda is waiting for you, with stories, learnings and advice from the fairies that will help you better get organised and above all, face your day-to-day with optimism and joy.

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